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Cabbage is not just for coleslaw! A multitude of Asian dishes use cabbage. There is a cabbage in season each part of the year. During the spring and summer cabbage is often served raw, whereas fall and winter inspire warmer recipes.

Kimchi, a Korean cabbage creation, can be one of the most intimidating vegetable dishes to make. Everyone has their own opinion about how long the cabbage should be fermented and how spicy it should taste. There are many varieties, yet the most common is made with salted Napa cabbage.

ic: Chef's Okonomiyaki

In Japan, green cabbage is used to make Okonomiyaki. お好み焼きThis dish is a savory pancake made by combining flour, eggs, cabbage, and even protein. Okonomiyaki is topped with a Japanese mayonnaise based sauce. These are perfect bites to be enjoyed with cold beer or sake.

Cabbage rolls are a popular recipe originating from Western cuisine. Green cabbage leaves are filled with minced pork and beef, and then boiled in stock. The stuffing is seasoned with Panko and nutmeg. A delicate tomato sauce is dressed over top of the cabbage rolls. ロールキャベツ

Purple cabbage adds a pop of color to a stir-fry or noodle salad. Purple cabbage is complimented by citrus, nuts, eggs, and sesame. This species of cabbage lacks water weight, so the leaves are waxy and coarser than others.

Cabbage is a respected ingredient in Asian culture. Each variety serves a purpose. Post your best cabbage dish on Instagram. Tag #azchefmallory and #kyabetsu to be entered to win a holiday gift tin.

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