Chef's Recommendation: Butcher Bob's

ic: Butcher Bob's in Surprise

Arizona might be a landlocked state, but you can still source fresh, quality seafood. I’m always looking for new shops to recommend to class participants, so recently I paid a visit to Butcher Bob’s. Butcher Bob’s is a family owned business located in Surprise, Arizona that sells quality meat and fish. They value their customers as family and friends. Regulars are on a first name basis.

ic: Outside of Butcher Bob's

Their shop is designed to look like an old fashioned meat market. There are five cooler cases to the right, fully stocked with ready-to-go packages. To the left, there’s another meat case extending the length of the store. Every cut is proudly displayed and labeled as certified.

ic: Butcher Bob's "Ready to Go" Selection. Perfect for when you need something quickly :)

Their selection is incredible. Most of their meat is sold in proper cuts ranging from a flat iron steak to the filet mignon. They also sell polish sausage as well as our family favorite, chicken apple sausage. Their marinated carne asada and pollo asada are also high recommended for your next family meal. I personally left my visit with five pounds of pork butt. The quality was wonderful, and it was easily turned into tender shreds for pork enchiladas.

ic: Butcher Bob's meat case. The selection was just too big to get it all in one photo, but this gives you an idea ;)

As impressive as the meat selection was, I was equally impressed with their fish.  They get a fresh shipment straight from Hawaii during the first week of every month. They offer Mahi, Ono, Swordfish, and Ahi, as well as other seasonal fish. Their Ahi is sashimi grade, and the equal to restaurant quality. It is ruby red with visible oils and healthy fat content, perfect for sushi. As they say, to grill this fish would simply be a “waste of money.” They also serve up an impressive selection of other jewels from the sea, such as scallops, snow crab, and even red shrimp from Argentina.

There are many Asian markets in the Valley that are a great source for fish and seafood, but most are in East Mesa or Central Phoenix. My West Valley clients need options too, and there is not a better place for them than Butcher Bob’s. They’re thoughtfully serving their best product in a neighborhood that genuinely needs a reliable meat and fish market.  So, visit their website, and check out their full descriptions for recommendations. Jason, the owner, will add you to Butcher Bob’s private email list, so you can receive updated market costs and information.

As a chef, I’m constantly connecting to local small businesses. Before you can make sushi, you must know where to find graded fish. It’s a mission of mine to source and represent the best product possible. I want for you to leave my sushi classes feeling that you can confidently replicate your own menu, with product that is safe to eat and budget friendly. I recommend Butcher Bob’s to all of my home cooks and sushi class participants.


Chef Mallory Soule

Sushi Chef

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