Enoki Mushrooms

ic: Chef's Bacon-Wrapped Enoki Mushrooms

Enoki mushrooms are among my favorites. These meaty bouquets of thin flower-like stems with little button tops are an artistic ingredient.

Referred to as the winter mushroom,  Enokis are cultivated extensively from September-March. They grow quickly and can double in size overnight under the right conditions. While part of the charm is the pearl white color, wild Enokis are actually somewhat orange because they’re exposed to light.

ic: Enoki Mushrooms

You’ll most likely purchase Enoki mushrooms in small pre-packaged bundles. They are particularly soft and fragile. When you are ready to cook with them you’ll need to trim the base off, about one inch up. The further you cut up, the more separated the bouquet will become.

ic: The base on an Enoki bouquet after trimming. Chef tip... save the base and all other veggie scraps in the freezer and make stock with it!

These mushrooms are small in size, and therefore cook quickly.

Here are a few ways to highlight the ingredient in an easy recipe:

Scrambled Eggs with Enoki mushroom

Steak and Sautéed Enoki

Miso soup with tofu and Enoki

Bacon-Wrapped Enoki mushrooms


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