Fourth of July Picnic-Katsu Sando

My style of cooking is heavily influenced by Asian culture and ingredients. Therefore, each holiday I make an attempt to connect the two sides of the world. For obvious reasons, Japan does not celebrate the Fourth of July. However, they do have fireworks displayed late July and early August.  Some families set up a picnic for the show.
An American picnic typically includes sandwiches. Therefore, I’ve decided to share a recipe for Pork Katsu Sando. Picture this: golden breaded pork cutlets between crusts-less white bread with a tangy Worcestershire spread. Remember Shake n Bake?? My mother was local to their brand…but this is homemade! As a child, I begged my mother to remove the crust from bread. In Japan, it's already made this way! 
ic: Crispy Pork Katsu Sando
  1. Use a meat tenderizer to flatten the pork cutlets to half of their current thickness.
  2. Powder both sides of the pork cutlet in flour. You do not have to use all-purpose flour. If you prefer almond flour or gluten free flour, those work too!
  3. Next, Coat both sides of the pork cutlet in egg-wash.
  4. Last, bread both sides of the pork cutlet with toasted Panko. You can also purchase gluten free Panko at your local grocery store.
  5. Bake the breaded cutlet at 400F until the internal temperature is 145F.
 ic: Flour, Egg Wash, and Toasted Panko
ic: Tender Pork Cutlets and All- Purpose Flour
ic: Step 4- Coat the Pork Cutlet in Toasted Panko
ic: Bake at 400F for 20-25 minutes
ic: Chef Mallory supports Kikkoman dressings
In the meantime, prepare your bread by removing all four sides of crust. Spread Katsu sauce on both sides of the crusts-less bread. Sandwich the pork cutlet between both sauced sides. Cut the sandwich in half to reveal the juices. Instead of lettuce, add thin sliced cabbage. Pack the sandwiches using wax paper and foil to keep warm.
Gluten free bread can be substituted for white bread.
Also, substitute Temari (gluten free soy) for Worcestershire sauce.
Pair your sandwiches with homemade pickles, sweet potato chips, and matcha chocolate chip cookies. Your picnic is made! My family and I will be enjoying these sandos in the car, windows down, desert sunset, and a beautiful fireworks show to follow. #AZChefMallory 

ic: Picnic Ready! Happy Fourth of July!


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