Myths About Personal Chefs

In the past seven months, I’ve recognized the myths and misunderstandings that surround being a personal chef. Let me confess my side of the truth and debunk the myths...

Myth 1: Personal Chefs are too expensive       

Consider the amount of time and money you spend for food. This includes eating out, ordering in, grocery shopping, meal planning, cooking every night, etc. In the end, for all your efforts you’re probably eating the same meals over and over again. Not to mention, you are likely wasting a lot of food in the form of uneaten leftovers.

A personal chef saves you time and money because they only purchase and prepare exactly what you need. They know where to get the best ingredients for the best price. When I work with you I show you a copy of your grocery receipt so you can see for yourself how efficiently I shop. I cross utilize what you have in your pantry to prepare different meals using many of the same ingredients, thus reducing waste.

Myth 2: Personal Chefs are only for people who want to diet

Not every chef enjoys counting calories. Most of us just cook for joy. There is nothing wrong with having your personal chef cook southern comfort food, kid’s meals, or even a batch of brownies. Personal chefs are inspired by your lifestyle. I want you to relate to the food I cook. Diet or no diet, I’m cooking to please you.

Myth 3: Personal Chefs can only cook in fancy kitchens

Sure, I request that you have basic equipment and that you’re not a hoarder (cuz I'll need room to work!) Beyond that, I can make it work. I come from commercial kitchens, but at the end of the day I cook at home too. When you invite me in, I’m not judging your lifestyle. I want to help you get organized and be part of the action.

Myth 4: Personal Chefs cook for you every day

A lot of clients dedicate one or two days to having their meals prepared for the entire week. Other clients invite me in for two hours a night, Monday through Friday, and take the weekends off. Personal Chefs can be hired for a single event. However, I value return clients and I desire a long-term partnership. Furthermore, I don’t spend all of my time in the kitchen. Part of being successful at what I do is making lists, writing and refining recipes, purchasing goods, and staying in direct contact with clients via e-mail and phone.


In reality, personal chefs can be a value for everyone at some point in their lives. If you want more information about how this would benefit you and your family, please send me a message. I’d love to get to know you and your daily routine.

Chef Mallory Soule

Sushi Chef

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