Need for Speed?- Octane Raceway

Need for speed? Me too! I love an adrenaline rush and I’m not afraid to compete. My dad and I share a love for racing. We made a trip to visit the Octane Raceway in Scottsdale. We’ve been eyeing this place for a good year now, and I don’t really know why we waited so long. If you’re passing by every day with the same thought…wait no more.

When you arrive you’re instructed to create a profile. You’ll take a cute selfie and pick a racing name. My dad stuck with his real name. I chose to take my step mother’s nickname for me, Bunny. They equip you with a head sock and a helmet. If you can bribe the staff, they may even let you use their gloves for better grip on the wheel.

ic: Chef Mallory at Octane Raceway #azchefmallory

They’ll play a short video, much like how your mom told you to keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle while she was driving. Then the staff will come around to adjust your pedals, seat, and wheel. Once everyone is comfortable the race will begin with a practice lap. During this lap your kart will run at half speed.  

The track runs both inside and outside. There are plenty of lounge areas for spectators to see all of the action. The karts are electric and therefore a little heavier than you’d expect. Racing is an upper body work out of its own. You will come out sore and even bruised. You know what they say: no pain, no gain.

ic: Ready to Race! #azchefmallory

We raced three times each and 42 laps. There is a real thrill about being in control of something that moves so fast. It becomes addicting to get the best lap time. Each go around, we both improved.

We raced next to Spider-man. This junior has raced over three thousand laps on that track. Needless to say, he taught us both a few things.  All good fun! I highly recommend a visit to Octane Raceway in Scottsdale.


Chef Mallory Soule

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