Table, Food, and Faith

Table: A piece of furniture providing a level surface on which objects may be placed.

Table: A canvas.

Food: A nutritious substance needed to maintain life and growth.

Food: A gift.

Faith: Complete trust or belief in something.

Faith: Love.

A Chef’s mind could be described as a series of mysteries waiting to be solved. We may seem mysterious, but the mystery is not us. The mystery is the table, the food, and the faith behind our work. Each Chef is diverse in their story, but I believe we share the same platform.

The table is my canvas. On the canvas there is an expectation of the experience that is yet to come. There is a space to create conversation. There is room to gather.

Food is a gift. Split between five or five thousand; food is a gift to be shared. The gift of food is a solution for the person that has everything and the person that has nothing.

Faith is love. Where there is faith, there is love. Your faith in something may not be seen but it will be felt. There is emotion in a Chef’s menu and guests will connect to that energy. 

Our industry is not the only mystery. However, I feel it is one of the most misunderstood.  How will you define your platform?



Chef Mallory Soule

Sushi Chef

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