What do you do for fun?

I’m often asked, “What do you do for fun?” Most people would answer that question with their favorite hobby or activity. I’d answer instinctively that I love cooking, but of course they’re more interested in an answer not based around my work. I am blessed with a lot of opportunity for freedom, but I am also committed to my business. In my free-time I really seek inspiration and energy that fuels me on this journey.  Here’s what I do to recharge and have fun...

ic: Exploring the Pacific Coast


Sometimes I need to break free from my usual surroundings and see something different! In this industry, the best you can usually hope for is about a 48 hour break. Thankfully there are beautiful staycation resorts in Arizona. I’m also close enough to the Pacific Coast to drive to San Diego and back in the same day. My boyfriend and I also have a bucket list of places to visit and things to see. I recommend creating a list with someone who will hold you accountable to taking those breaks. You deserve it!

ic: Singing at church...


This is where I come to lay it all down at the end of a busy week. I find peace and joy in taking a moment to express gratitude for the life I’ve been given. My church has connected me with the greater community to cook for those in need.  I tend to be a very serious person, but our pastor delivers sermons with laughter and teachable moments.


Outside of the foodie profiles, I follow a few Instagram pages that keep me dreaming. Most of these relate to culture, art, or fashion. I love to tag and encourage other brands on their journeys. Some of these pages include: @clareokada and her website clareokada.com, @decoinkdesigns, and @jessisrussell.


I rely on the rush. This year was my first year at Barrett Jackson. I’m not overly into old cars or how they work, but I am interested in speed. They took me for a spin on the track and I was hooked. Speeding is an expensive sport, so I’m not a professional….yet.

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