About Chef Mallory

Chef Mallory Soule
Hi! I'm Chef Mallory Soule. I've had a passion for food all my life, and I knew that it needed to be my career. I studied culinary arts right here in the valley at Arizona Culinary Institute. 

I have amassed six years of experience, working alongside many talented chefs. I have studied from the best at many local restaurants, most notably Roka Akor Scottsdale. In late 2016 I moved to Miami for a ten month assignment opening a new Asian concept named DOA. There I led the sushi team, trained in Nikkei cuisine, and engaged the overall artistic culture of the region. Now, I have returned home to again serve the greater Phoenix area.

Following Japanese tradition, I uphold the most respect for superior ingredients and humble preparation. I understand the importance of an intimate experience that comes alongside presenting a home-cooked meal.

When I cook, my goal is to leave you with a memorable experience. 
Please submit your request to create a custom menu. Let's plan together!