Chris and Judy's Cookbook

Start Date: Saturday August 24th

Due Date: Saturday September 7th 

Location: Glendale 


  • Both printed and electronic recipes will be provided. 
  • Recipes will be thoughtfully written to include preferences for both Chris and Judy. 
  • Recipes are open for review and feedback throughout these two weeks.
  • Nutritional information for carbs, fats, and proteins will be included. 
  • Prep time and/or cook time will be written on the recipe. 
  • Four hours of complimentary cooking instruction are included. 
  • These will be scheduled following completion of the cookbook. 
  • It is expected that we will cover about 8 recipes during the 4 hour period. 
  • The cost of groceries for that instruction is not included. 


Deposit Paid: 200.00

Remaining Balance: 175.00

Total Cost: 375.00


Thank you!