Family Dinner - Tyler Fort

This is an event reserved for Tyler, Marissa, and Family.

Date: Friday September 25, 2020

Chef's Arrival: 5:30pm

Dinner time: 7pm-9pm

Location: Residence 

Event Type: Family Dinner

Guest Count: 13

Deposit Paid: 327.60

Remaining Balance Due: 686.40

Allergies/ Dietary Restrictions: Gluten, Nuts 


Mediterranean Quinoa Salad with GF Panko Shrimp 
Tender Short Ribs with Cucumber Tzatziki 
Basmati Rice and Sweet Carrots 
GF Strawberry Lemon Shortcake 


Details: The event is to proceed as discussed in our communications. Your remaining balance is due prior to the start of the event on 9/25/20. I look forward to serving you and your party, thank you!