Jonathan and Dylan

Regular price $225.00

This is meal prep reserved for Jonathan and Dylan: 

Date: Tuesday October 29nd, 2019

Chef's Arrival: 10-11am

Chef's Prep Time: 6 hours 10-4 / 11-5

Location: Awatukee 

Service Cost: 225.00


GF Waffles (You and Dylan) 
Bacon (Dylan) 
BBQ Chickpea and Carrot Sliders (You) 
Southwest Stew (You) 
Cheeseburgers (Dylan) 
Asparagus and Lemon (You and Dylan)  
Vegetable Bolognese (You) 
Roasted Chicken (You and Dylan) 
Buffalo Tahini Sauce (You)  
**Sauce will be on the side** 
GF Rice Crispy Treats 

Details: Payment for hourly labor is due before I begin work on 10/29/19. By submitting payment you are in agreement with the menu above. Please reimburse payment for groceries upon receiving a receipt by check or Zelle. 

Thank you!