Leslie Pellillo- Mother's 80th Birthday

This is an event reserved for Leslie Pellillo. Details are as follows:

Date: Saturday December 28th, 2019

Chef's Arrival: 4:30 pm

Dinner Time: 6:00 pm

Location: Residence, TBD 

Guest Count: 11

Event Type: 80th Birthday, Family Celebration

Deposit Paid: 237.60

Remaining Balance: 554.40

Total Cost: 792.00

60 per guest and 20% gratuity


Before Dinner
California Rolls
Shrimp Tempura Roll 

Signature Vegetable Egg Rolls & Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce 
Pan Seared Halibut, Cream Sauce, Aromatic Rice, Parmesan Asparagus

**2 Chicken Breasts 


Details: This event is to proceed as discussed in our communications. Birthday candles will be provided for dessert. The remaining balance is due prior to the start of the event on 12/28/19. We look forward to serving you and your family. 

Thank you!