Maya's Birthday Dinner Party

Date: Saturday September 19th, 2020

Chef's Arrival: 6pm

Dinner Time: 7-9pm

Location: 85253

Event Type: Private Dinner, Birthday 

Guest Count: 8 

Deposit Due: 250.20

Remaining Amount Due: 583.80

Event Total: 834.00

(90 per guest, and 20% gratuity) 

(Vegetarian, 65 per guest) 

Allergies: N/A



Fried Tomato Caprese Stack with Arugula & Avocado  

Petite Filet, Chimchurri
Lobster Tail, Garlic Lemon Butter
Fondant Herb Potatoes
Sub Chefs Stuffed Sweet Potato for Veggie Meal

Dark Chocolate Mousse
Chantilly Cream & Rasberry Coulis

Details: The event is to proceed as discussed in our communications. Your party's remaining balance is due prior to the start of the event on 9/19/20. I look forward to serving you and your guests, thank you!